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☁️Customizable name in wire with cloud✨
☁️Customizable name in wire with cloud✨
☁️Customizable name in wire with cloud✨
☁️Customizable name in wire with cloud✨
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☁️Customizable name in wire with cloud✨

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Decoration children's room, wall sticker decoration, birth gift, door plate

First name annealing wire customizable cloud shape with stars for the wall decoration of a child's room.

It is a custom handcrafted creation made of recuit wire and high-quality hand-woven linen fabric.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: fil de fer recuit, Tissu de lin
  • Width: 40 cm
    Height: 28 cm

Light up your toddler's room with the cloud wall décor with its 4 stars in annealed wire and its 3 clouds!
Poetic and airy, this cloud to hang on the wall will arouse the curiosity of young and old alike.

- The first name is to choose from: (28 cm wide by 11 cm high) but the size may vary depending on the number of letters that make up the
- The stars are between 14 cm and 7 cm for the smallest.
- The clouds are between 12 cm and 7 cm for the smallest.
- Composition that clings with the help of a nail only.


Attention all my creations are in real French real wire recuit that I naturally treat rustproof with my little secret recipe so that it crosses time without changing and without rusting.
With this type of yarn you will have a creation with a very interesting rendering, a matte rendering very trendy and very solid.
You can handle it without a problem.
Raw wire is a material much more noble and much more complicated to work with than a creation made of aluminum wire, which remains very malleable and fragile and with an overly shiny appearance.

I don't use any templates to make my creations. It's all handmade.

I use 1.6 mm recuit wire mainly but also thicker wire.
It may be that there is a variation in the forms but it remains tiny.
Do not forget that this is a homemade and therefore each piece is unique.
The wire is a wire without treatment. It's dull. It tends to skate over time.
Annealed wire is the most beautiful to make creations and make them poetic. If you like vintage, aged or patinated objects, this type of object is for you.